Tire Troubles? We Can Help!

Reduce the Risk of Mishaps with Close Tire Monitoring

Nobody likes to perform tire changes on the side of the road after an unexpected pothole or tire failure puts your vehicle out of commission, which is why we recommend speaking with our service team if you suspect something is amiss with your treads. Proper tire maintenance is something that every driver should pay attention to, and if you notice that your tires are failing the penny test -- meaning the tread exposes all of Abe's head when inserting a penny upside down in the tread -- it's time to visit us.

When you contact our team to purchase new tires, we'll help you dispose of the old ones and put the right set of tires on your vehicle quickly. Ford models take certain size tires, and you don't want to take the chance that the parts you're putting on your F-150 can't withstand the type of work you'll be performing, and our team knows what tires work best with your truck. Similarly, we know whether the tires that are on your new Escape or Explorer are right, and we know that your Fusion won't use the same tires that a truck would.

With our access to the Ford brand, we can get you what you need fast, and our service team will be on hand to put those tires on for you quickly so that you can get back into your routine in no time. Schedule your appointment online or by contacting our team and get in here to see us today to discuss your tire needs.

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