Which fuel choice is right for me?

As we all look to a more sustainable world, the options for powering our vehicles are becoming more diverse. Fortunately, Ford offers four engine types that utilize different power sources to move towards greater efficiency without sacrificing power and capability.


Ford EcoBoost® engines are technologically advanced engines that use traditional gasoline fuel. Relying on three innovative technologies—twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT), direct fuel injection, and a turbocharger—For EcoBoost® engines optimize performance while also reducing gasoline consumption and emissions.


Combining a traditional gas engine with electric motors, Ford hybrids are able to integrate efficiency and performance. Experience increased fuel economy without sacrificing horsepower in Ford models like the new Fusion and redesigned Ford Explorer. A major advantage of the hybrid engine is that you get the increased efficiency while still being able to use gasoline, which remains more widely available than plug-in charge stations.

Plug-in Hybrid

The plug-in hybrid engine allows you to choose the energy source for your journeys around the Stockton area. Charge up at home or fill up at the pump, and experience up to an EPA-estimated 109 MPGe city with the Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid. This option may be best for those who do most of their driving in the same geographic area.


Coming in 2020, a new Ford all-electric SUV will provide up to 300 miles of range on a single charge with no tailpipe emissions. Worried about losing power? Don't. The new fully-electric Ford is a Mustang-inspired SUV that will change how we think about electric vehicles. Without a combustion engine, there'll be no need for oil changes or tune-ups, which means far less maintenance.

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