Top Four Reasons Why You Should Buy A Used Vehicle At Phil Waterford's Manteca Ford

Have you been considering purchasing a car, truck, SUV, or van, but you aren't sure if you should take a chance with a used vehicle or splurge and buy a new one? Here are four reasons why you should buy a used vehicle from our pre-owned inventory.


  1. Buying Used Saves You Money All-Around

    Everyone knows that a used vehicle is going to have a considerably less expensive price tag than a new vehicle, but buying used also saves you money in a few other areas as well. In most states you will pay less in registration fees, less in car insurance premiums, and less in taxes. If you buy a new car, you will also lose a high percentage of value as soon as you drive off of the lot, when you buy used, that depreciation value has already been taken away.

  2. Used Cars Aren't Like They Used To Be

    Not that long ago, used cars were considered unreliable and a poor financial decision, but these days, it's different. Why? Vehicles are built with stronger and more reliable materials, technology provides you with a more concise way of knowing what is wrong with your vehicle so you can get it fixed before it does more damage, and new designs and scientific discoveries allow for a longer life. In fact, in 2015, the average age of a vehicle on American roads was 11.5 years. That's pretty impressive!

  3. Reliability Can Be Researched

    When you are looking into purchasing a used vehicle you have multiple ways of making sure that it's going to be reliable and trustworthy. Some places offers a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) inventory, which ensures that your vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and are often given limited warranties. If you'd like to research a certain vehicle on your own, such websites as Carfax and AutoCheck allow you to do so. These vehicle history report websites inform you of where the vehicle has been, what it has been through, and who it has been registered to. These allow you to make sure that you're not being sold something that you don’t want.

  4. You Have Many Vehicles To Choose From At Phil Waterford's Manteca Ford

    Whether you are looking for a car, truck, SUV, or van, our impressive inventory, at Phil Waterford's Manteca Ford, has you covered. We have many different makes, models, body styles, packages, trim levels, and colors for you to choose from and offer each of these at outstanding prices. Feel free to browse through our online inventory or, if you'd prefer, stop by our Manteca, CA, dealership to take one for a test drive today!

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